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LED lighting fixtures for offices, furniture, properties and facades as well as streets and squares.

Products bearing the SKOFF-DESIGN mark have been entirely designed by SKOFF DESIGN
without violating third party rights to industrial designs. All SKOFF-DESIGN products are
manufactured at the Company's own production plant.


specialize in manufacturing lighting based on LED technology.
 Lumax offer includes i.a. bulbs for c
ommercial applications, panels LED, downlight
 luminaries and many others.

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Electrical & Electronic Components  
Avaliable Brands
We are a full service Independent and Franchise Distributor of commercial and military electronic components and accessories. Despite the fact that our specialty is to locate hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated parts, we offer attractive and very competitive pricing when it comes to day-to-day components. Several companies have been able to reduce their production costs by having us manage or handle their purchases.
Cobham Microwave

Microwave components

ATE Electronics
ATE Electronics

Power Resistors in aluminium
houses or in SMD package.

Custom Magnetics
Custom Magnetics

Custom Designed Transformers & Coils


Electro-mechanical, hybrid,
solid state relays and sockets
used in general purpose and industrial applications.
Allen Bradley
Motor control and relays
Ferraz Shawmut
Ferraz Shawmut

Fuses & Fuseholders, USA Standards UL/CSA, European standards VDE, DIN, IEC/EN

Discrete Power Semiconductors
and Power Modules
SEMTEX Semiconductor Group

Discrete Semiconductors
Power Modules and Transient

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